The Nebraska FBLA Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organizations and donations can be used if itemizing taxes.   

100% of the donations raised are invested into the Foundation's permanent endowment fund and only income generated is used to support education, leadership, programs and scholarships for Nebraska FBLA.   

Nebraska FBLA is known for developing leaders, and the Nebraska FBLA Foundation wants to recognize and support business students of Nebraska. Nebraska FBLA is continually ranked as one of the top states at Nationals.  Help us keep this tradition strong and support Nebraska FBLA by donating to the Nebraska FBLA Foundation.      

You can give electronically by clicking the "DONATE" button or by preparing a check made payable to the Nebraska FBLA Foundation Trust and mailing the check to:

                       Nebraska FBLA Foundation Trust
                      PO Box 183
                     Syracuse, NE 68446